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Specialty Treatments

Detox Massage     $150

60 minute massage followed by 30 minutes in the infrared  sauna

Massage helps address the build up of lactic acid in muscles, and promote the clearing of normal byproducts of muscle metabolism, which then can be eliminated by sweating in the sauna.  A sauna after a massage also has been found to reduce any muscle pain or soreness after treatment. 


Prolong the healing, restorative state achieved during your massage, giving yourself time to integrate the work of the massage before rushing back into the world.

Vitality Massage       $185

60 minute massage followed by 30 minutes in the sauna, ending with 20 minutes in the halotherapy booth

A total body cleansing. The Detox Massage, but with the added benefit of a halotherapy session, which cleanses and detoxes your lungs as well as invigorates the entire body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake.  And you get to naturally cool down after your sauna!

Zen CBD Massage      $185

90 Minutes of Pure Nirvana

Find your zen with an intuitive, energy balancing massage infused with a layering of essential oils specific to each of your chakras and a full spectrum CBD salve targeted to soothe muscle and nerve pain.

Lymphatic Cleanse       $115

45 minutes Pressotherapy followed by 45 minutes in the infrared sauna

This super relaxing, detoxifying treatment assists your body's natural lymphatic drainage, which improves blood flow and circulation, thereby easing aches and pains, reducing fluid and swelling in your body and boosting your immune system. Coupled with the infrared sauna allows your body to sweat even faster giving you that extra detoxing boost.

*Please make sure to wear socks, long pants, and a long sleeve shirt, and come extra hydrated for the Pressotherapy session.


Immune Boost and Respiratory Cleanse         $99

5 -20 to 30 minutes sessions 

This cleanse may strengthen the immune system against Colds, Cough, Allergies, Hay Fever, and Sinusitis while cleansing the entire respiratory system. The cleanse is recommended prior to the start of cold/flu, allergy, hay fever and sinus season. Complete five sessions, within a 2-week period, 1-2 weeks prior to season, mid-way and at the end of the season for total health benefit.


Frequency and length of session is based on symptoms, severity of conditions and overall wellness goals.

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