Pressotherapy is used to:

  • Duplicate the action on the body of massage

  • Alleviate edema or swelling of the extremities 

  • Assist in kidney function (poor filtration and a hydro saline imbalance, can lead to possible accumulation of large quantities of fluid in the tissues

  • Assist in healthy heart function 

  • Assist in premenstrual edema (Edema during menstrual periods are linked to the fluid-retaining effects of estrogen and progestin.  Pressure therapy during the periods quickly solves the problem.)

  • Improve poor skin tone and reduce bags under the eyes

  • Improve loss of muscle tone in immobilized patients

PressoTherapy is a detoxifying treatment that assists your body's natural lymphatic drainage, thereby potentially slimming the look of the arms and legs (because they carry less fluid), easing aches and pains, and detoxifying the body. It uses an air pressure machine to inflate a suit that squeezes your arms, legs, and abdomen in a rhythmic motion, similar to a massage.


Other treatment benefits include:

  • Immediate relief and comfort for heavy legs, water retention, cellulite, and poor circulation

  • Body shaping and profiling

  • Weight management

  • Pre and post liposuction treatment

  • Reduces localized lipolytic edema (fatty deposits)

  • Relieves leg pain and swelling

  • Helps prevent venous stasis (stagnation of blood flow in veins / capillaries)

  • Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis

  • Improves blood flow and oxygenation

  • Provides athletic performance enhancement

Contraindications of Pressotherapy:


Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Acute infection of the affected limb

Any instance where increase venous and lymphatic return is undesirable

Presence of any severe pain or numbness

Cardiac Heart Failure (CHF)

*For best results, it is recommended that clients receive a series of treatments (8-15), depending on the client's goals. Weekly treatments are recommended to achieve optimal visible results.